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June 02 2016


Pashtemal turkish bath that ideal for your skin

The Peshtemal or Turkish towels traditionally found in the Turkish bath houses are perfect for the beach, as a wrap, for home decor, or for your children. This classic stripe pattern available in a multitude of shades supplies a nautical vibe, ideal for vacation or as a timeless addition to your house. Turkish Towel

Their lightweight, woven construction gives these Turkish towels time-proven durability and ensures their place as a natural household space saver. When fully opened, the towels measure six feet long and so they completely fold right down to less than two inches thick. Pure and straightforward with it's ivory color and soft texture, our classic linen peshtemal can be used an elegant spa companion, serving as a towel or even an after shower wrap, massage cover-up, a wrap more than a swimsuit, or being a practical towel for back packing and boating. Linen is stronger than cotton, dries quickly, and is more slowly affected by exposure to sunlight. Because linen absorbs and releases moisture quickly and is also a good conductor of heat, we tried it in our peshtemal. Turkish Towel

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